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Church Small Groups Online
Your team has quickly learned that video streaming and church online ministry is critical to remaining visible and viable amidst today’s COVID disruption.  
For most churches, the last 6 months was largely about figuring out how to host services online. You've seen the potential to be able to reach more people by embracing online ministry.
Because the world isn't "going back to normal" anytime soon, the question today is: what's next with church online?
We believe every church should be able to build an impactful small groups ministry online.
The Success with Groups Online event will showcase innovative examples and tactics used by real-life leaders and practitioners.
Join us (and invite your team!) on September 17-18 as we learn from church online veterans, thought leaders and practitioners about what's working with small groups online.


Learn From Experienced Leaders and Practitioners from Amazing Churches and Organizations

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Groups Online Track // September 17

Learn lessons from peer practitioners and leaders about planning, promoting, managing and leading small groups online:

Empowering and Equipping Life Group Leaders - Alan George
What We Learned in Our Process of Online Small Groups - Troy Ferguson
5 Steps We Took Toward Online Groups With Our Weekly Men’s Bible Study - Aaron Rosheim
How We Removed 3 Types of Friction for Online Group Success- Eric Kidwell
How to Use Groups in a Simple Outreach Strategy - Brian Beauford
5 Steps to Reconnecting Your Church Through Groups - Chris Surratt
How to Effectively Communicate Small Groups & Events - Alissa Trost
How We Do Groups Online - Tyler Sansom
5 Steps to Promote Your Small Group - Darrel Girardier
3 Lessons I Learned as a Volunteer Online Bible Study Leader Using Facebook Groups - Jordyn Carmack
How We Kept Our Youth Engaged With Virtual Summer Camp - Katie Winton
Eight Ways to Have a Powerful Prayer Time With Your Online Group - Kelly King
5 Tips to Help Your Zoom Groups Thrive - Ryan Hartwig
How to Create a Video Your Leaders Will Actually Watch - Dave Adamson
How to Practice Encouragement and Prayer in Group - Jared Musgrove
4 Tools for Your Small Groups - Andrew Triplett
Infinitum Digital Prayer Days - Joanna la Fleur
3 Steps to Move Small Groups Online - Ladona Smith
5 Tips for Moving Your In-person Bible Study Online - Crystal Caviness
How to Have an Effective Men Small Group - Travis Simons
Creative Things You Can Do in Small Groups to Keep People Engaged - Barry Sneed
How We Use Groups to Connect Our Community - Jenny Bailey
3 Things That Make Online Groups Successful - Chayil Branda
4 Facebook Group Categories That Foster Online Community - Seth Muse
How to Promote Groups During a Pandemic - Joy Drake
How Our Church Small Groups Thrived During Covid - Stephen Jennings
Why People Are Ghosting Online Groups and How to Get Them There - Allen White
7 Text Messages You Should Be Sending to Your Small Group - John Ver Lee
Using Technology to Meet the Needs of Your Groups - Marc Jeffrey
How to Do Digital Small Groups With Faithlife - Ahn Johnson
How to Maintain Healthy Virtual Groups - Terrie Pittman
Unexpected Benefits of Online Small Groups -Kevin Lee
How We Are Taking Virtual Small Groups to the Next Level - Ryan Horn
Creating a Safe Place Online for Your Non-technical Congregation - Almetta Smith
One of the Most Powerful Tools for Church Online - Nils Smith
3 Tips for Successful Online Groups - Jason Morris
How to Use Messenger and Whatsapp for Small Groups Ministry: Top 5 Features - Natchi Lazarus
Digital Small Groups as an Outreach Strategy - Michael Lukaszewski
3 Things You Need to Know to Run Your Groups Strategy - Steele Billings


Church Online Track // September 18 

You'll also learn from leaders about digital ministry and church online:

How We Build Leaders Using Youtube - Trey Van Camp
5 Ways We Make Our Online Experience Memorable -- Garett Mizunaka
How to Reach Your Community Online  Katie Allred
4 Ways to Increase Online Engagement - Andy King
How We Transitioned from a Single Ios Device to Full Online Church Streaming - Mark Phillips
3 Vlog Videos That Every Church Should Have on Their Website - Seth Muse
Non-digital Ways to Increase Digital Engagement - Hunter Curtis
5 Way to Maximize Your Sim-live Experience - James Eaton
Let Your Members Shine Online. How Member Generated Content Works - Kelley Taylor
Building a Church Brand - Tim Newton
How We Adapted to Doing Church Online - Edwin Colon
7 Ways We Fostered Connections in an Online Community Event - Sammy Kelly
How We Changed Roles in a Digital Era - Sean Stark
How to See What's Coming in the Future of Online Ministry - Jason Caston
Personal Experience With Online Ministry During Covid-19 - Jarrod Spencer
How We Encourage Engagement - Michelle Leichty
How I Trained Leaders in a Pandemic - John Finkelde
How We Structure Worship for Participation - Jacob Van Steenwyk
How to Plan Worship That Engages Online and In-person - -Richard Hong
How to Build a Production Platform on the Cheap  Jeff Luchun
The Greatest Lesson You Could Ever Learn About Church Online - David Brandt
Lessons I've Learned About What it Means to Take a Risk Trey Sheneman


Level Up Your Game Regarding Groups Online

You deserve to hear about what's working now for planning, managing and leading groups online.

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Learn From 60 Practitioners & Professionals

Learn tips and tricks from people working in the church communications world 

 Trey Sheneman

Executive Marketing Director



Alan George

Church Online Pastor


Kevin Lee

Online Pastor

Saddleback Church

Katie Allred


Dave Adamson

Online Pastor

North Point Church

Kenny Jahng

Founder & CEO 

Big Click Syndicate

Tim Newton

Senior Creative Director

Ramsey Solutions

Kelly King

Women's Ministry Specialist

Lifeway Christian Resources

Jason Caston

Founder & Author

iChurch Method

Barry Sneed

Pastors Alliance


Megan Moore



Jesse Wirges



Travis Simons


The Potter's House North Dallas

Joy Drake

Communications Director

West Cobb Church

Darrel Girardier

Digital Strategy Director

Brentwood Baptist Church

Michelle Leichty

Communication Director

Covenant Church

Kelly Taylor

Media Director

Gateway Baptist Church

Katie Sturm

Super Hero

Church Communications

Katie Winton

Director of Technology and Media

Woodlawn Church

Rich Hong 


First Presbyterian Church

Sammy Kelly

Director of Youth, Young Adult, and Faith Formation

Rich Birch



Jason Morris

Westside Family Church

Global Innovations Pastor 

Trey Van Camp

Lead Pastor

Passion Creek Church

Derek Hanson

Director of Communications

Christ Community Church

Natchi Lazarus

Digital Strategist & Author of The Connected Church

Seth Muse


Providence Village Church

Jessica Perry

Pastor of Worship and Community

La Mirada Church

Michael Lukaszewski


Church Fuel

Miriam Maberry

Director of Communications

Bethlehem Church

Chayil Branda

Executive Director

Trinity New Life Church

Andrea Roberts

Virtual Minister

Laura Fuson

Communications Director

Istrouma Baptist Church

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Terrie Pittman

Director of Community Life

Oak Cliff Bible Fellowship

Jarrod Spencer

Deacon of Communication

Garden City Church of Christ

Jacob Van Steenwyk

Lead Pastor

Bethany Reformed Church

Edwin Colon

Media Director/Volunteer

Faith Center Freeport

Alissa Trost

Executive Ministry Assistant+Communications Director

Richwoods Christian Church

Marc Jeffrey


Legacy Consulting Group

Allen White


Leading Online Small Groups

Chris Surratt

Discipleship & Small Groups Specialist


Garett Mizunaka

Online Pastor

New Hope Oahu

Hunter Curtis

Graphic Designer // Creative Director

Church Vitamins // C4 Church


David Brandt

Assistant Pastor

Lebanon Bible Fellowship Church

Myron Powell


Church of Omaha

Nils Smith

Chief Strategist of Social Media+Innovation


Scott Marshall

Lead Pastor

Wichita First Church of the Nazarene

Tyler Sansom

Lead Digital Pastor

Church Anywhere

Crystal Caviness

Church Elder

Priest Lake Presbyterian Church

Jared Steven Musgrove

Groups Pastor // Co-Founder + Executive Director

The Village Church //

Troy Ferguson

Music & Media Pastor

Trans4mation Church

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Almeta Smith

Life and Spiritual Coach, Mentor, Activist, Motivational Speaker, Author, & Clerk-Dallas Friends Meeting

Stephen Jennings

Associate Pastor of Worship

Clough Pike Baptist Church

Ladona Smith

Ministry Assistant

2ND Baptist Church

Jenny Bailey

Communications Director

HighPoint Church

Jason Janich

Lead Pastor

New Life Church

Shannon Allen

Communications Director

Daystar Family Church

John Finkelde


Grow A Heathy Church

John VerLee

Founder & CEO

Breeze Church Management 

Andy King

Lead Pastor

High Point Church, Atlanta

Andrew Triplett

Director of Consulting


Eric Kidwell

Creative Arts Pastor

Christian Life Church

Mark Phillips

Worship/Media Minister

Osage Hills Christian Church

Jeff Luchun

Senior Pastor
Norview Baptist Church

Jordyne Carmack


First Baptist Church of London

Ryan Horn

Director of Advancement Bible Engagement Project

General Council of the Assemblies of God

David Leremy



Tim Aderman

Director of Marketing

Breeze Church Management 

Sean Stark


Central Church 

Brian Beauford

Executive Pastor

Grace Church



Aaron Rosheim

Men's Ministry Associate

Christ Community Church

Kendall Hicks 

Lead Pastor

The Carpenter's Church

Ryan Hartwig

Author, Leading Small Groups That Thrive

Colorado Christian University



More Exciting Speakers Coming Soon!

More Exciting Speakers Coming Soon!

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Katie Allred

Katie Allred co-founded and manages the Church Communications Facebook Group that serves as a resource on marketing and communication strategies for over 26,000 church leaders. She also is an assistant professor of marketing and software development at the University of Mobile. Additionally, Katie has previously consulted with Facebook on their Groups product. Katie is also a Certified StoryBrand Guide.

Kenny Jahng

Kenny Jahng is the founder and CEO of Big Click Syndicate, a content marketing agency that helps faith-based ministries / churches. He served as a church online pastor and is a Certified StoryBrand copywriter.

Kenny has created and managed campaigns for brands such as American Bible Society, California Baptist University, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, The United Methodist Church & The Wesleyan Church.



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