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Frequently Asked Questions

A Church Communications Pro Membership comes with so many exciting features and content. You will get access to valuable courses, exclusive downloads, Church Communications Facebook Group Membership, special Pro Member offers, and access to the private Pro Community discussions and connections.

The Pro Membership is not the same as the Church Communications Facebook Group Membership. The Pro Community offers a smaller, more intimate network and offers more direct and specialized insight that isn’t available in a public forum when you have over 25,000 people in it. When you become a member, you gain access to the video library of previous online summits and presentations, downloadable content to help your teams, and other exclusive offers you cannot receive through the Facebook group membership. 

The Pro Membership is available for $29 a month, or $300 annually. 

After purchasing the Pro Membership, you will create an account and receive an email confirmation. You can access your content in the My Library tab of your account.

Some products are available for individual purchase outside of the Pro Membership. Click here to see all of the products currently available.

The Pro Community Area is a space to post questions, ideas, and develop relationships with other Church Communicators. Click here to join the conversation now!

You will have access to all of the content currently available in the Pro Membership immediately following your purchase. New content is added each month, and new courses are added regularly.

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